Junior Hospitality Club, Inc.
On August 11, 1934, the Junior Division of the Oklahoma Hospitality Club was organized under the leadership of Mrs. Betty Harwood who served as the first sponsor to the junior group. This separate club was organized for the daughters of Oklahoma Hospitality members with the objective of raising money for local charitable concerns and assisting the Oklahoma Hospitality Club. There were 50 chapter members and a total membership of 75. The Junior Hospitality Club was incorporated as a separate organization on November 21, 1958.

Throughout the years, membership in Junior Hospitality has increased to a total of up to 100 active women who are committed to meet the civic, charitable, and philanthropic needs of our community, while raising families and pursuing busy careers. Junior Hospitality is a self-sufficient, self-governing organization, which elects its board of directors from the membership. Although Junior Hospitality is no longer part of the Oklahoma Hospitality Club, the two clubs remain closely connected with a member of each club serving on the board of the other.

Junior Hospitality has made an immeasurable impact on the lives of many Oklahomans throughout its years of existence. From the proceeds raised by the original Follies to the more recent Xanadu and Chips for Charity, countless citizens have benefited from the services provided by the charities supported by Junior Hospitality efforts. Junior Hospitality was the first organization to provide funds for the Oklahoma City Food Bank and has been a driving force in the funding of The Children’s Center.

The original slogan of the club, "Help yourself by helping others," and the flower, a single red rose, are among the many traditions that remain from the 1934 organization of the club.